Alpha Education SA’s staff have been involved with the Home Schooling and Distance Learning community since 2007 and have learnt much about the needs, frustrations and triumphs of the Learner and Parent who chooses to educate from home.

One of the most FAQ's that we receive is if the Grade 12 qualification is accepted by Universities? Yes it is. The certificate issued is from UMALUSI, the quality assurers of education in South Africa and is identical to a Department mainstream school certificate


Medium of instruction

Needs Identified

Our medium of instruction is in English and Afrikaans. We offer English and Afrikaans Home Language and First Additional Language as required by the National Senior Certificate

Alpha Education SA has a large amount of experience in dealing with the limited Curriculum Providers in South Africa and has first-hand experience of the pitfalls and challenges these organisations are faced with. Over the years we have learnt how we, as an organisation, can improve on making the Home Schooling journey a successful and rewarding experience. You will find the latest information about us on this page. Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide a wide range of services. Our mission is to provide quality course material according to the National Curriculum Statement and in line with the South African CAPS document (Continual Assessment Policy Statement). Our course material is easy to follow for teachers, parents and learners

Why this works?

Alpha Education SA has studied the system of learning that many students use and has identified the shortfalls. This has led to the development of our A+ Study Program, a unique study program that teaches the “Self-Study” method of learning. A learning technique that will be required once the Learner moves onto University, Diploma and Certificate Courses, other Post-School Courses and Technical Colleges. Our courses incorporate this program which develops a sense of responsibility, accountability, self-discipline and last but not least improved memory skills. The students who have used the program have improved their results in leaps and bounds. Although it is highly successful with the senior learners it is simple enough for a learner as young as a Grade 4 to follow and master. Remedial students have even moved onto technical colleges and earned straight A’s using this system.

Delivery Time

Due to the fact that we use the DBE and SACAI approved text books, our course material is readily available. Our product consists of 2 options - Package #1 with Learner's books and Package #2 - without Learner's books. This gives you the freedom to shop around or hand down from one sibling to another. With our forum up and running, you will be able to purchase Package #2 in the morning and, on condition that the paperwork is in order, you will receive your booklist that afternoon and be able to access your course material within 48 hours on the internet, ready to start your planning and tutoring. Package #1 will take 2 to 3 weeks due to us having to order your hardcopy text books from our suppliers. Both packages will receive a complete Porfolio of Evidence, Course Planner, submission files, tests, exams and reports.

Our Package

Our package is complete yet simple to follow. Parents, Tutors and Learners are led through the requirements step by step. The basic requirements of all our subjects are standardised, easy to follow and easy to complete. If you follow the instructions you can be confident everything has been covered. All important documentation is provided in hardcover and on our website portal. The text books we use are the Department of Education and SACAI approved text books and prescribed material.Some of our books are available on e-books.

After Sales Service

We will endeavour to communicate promptly and clearly with all our Learner's and Parents throughout the country. The responsibility however is with the Parent to keep us updated on ALL contact details. Alpha Education SA has formed alliances with partial care facilities across the country who have agreed to assist geographically wherever possible. In order for us to provide the exceptional service you expect we need Parents and Learners to make sure that the closing dates for submission of documents from application forms to Portfolio of Evidence of the learners work is met so that we can deliver on our promises. Late submissions will cause a delay in feedback and receipt of packages etc.


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