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Sharepoint Portal

Alpha Education SA’s Sharepoint is for registered Parents, Learners and Tutors.

Contents on the Sharepoint include course materials, tasks, tests, exams, exam timetables and important information.

Please note that you will need a user name and password created by you and an active up-to-date account to access this site.

Note that your email account or email address needs to be verified through the verification process.

Please ensure that your Phone, Phablet or PC has been verified with the correct owner details. Note that you will need to apply authentication methods. Failing to complete the authentication process will not grant you access to your relevant course materials.

Please view the following videos on Youtube on how to verify your account.

How to Verify video?

Please note the following.

1. If you have changed phones or phone numbers in the past, you will need to make sure that your new phone or number gets verified.

2. If this does not solve your issues please email to update a new email account. 

3. Please make sure that you have an active, current academic year registration with Alpha Education SA.

4. If you have regitered or enrolled with Alpha Education SA with your current email address and have given your tutor access, your Tutor will need to register with Alpha Education SA to access the relevant course materials. 

5. Alternatively download the app called MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT from Google Play store (FREE). You are able to download this app on your computer(online access only) phone or phablet.

6. You do not have to go into your emails every time you want to access the learners content. You can go online. Use the following steps to access SharePoint online. Make sure that you download and save your relevant files or documents on your PC for later use.

6.1 Search Sharepoint on Google Play app.

6.2 Insert email address to verify your gmail account

6.3 You will receive a verification code that you will need to enter.

6.4 Once verified you will be able to access with your Shared sharepoint access link,

7. Please note that terms and conditions apply

8. Alpha Education SA reserves the right to access of their information


Sharepoint Playstore App Link.


Microsoft Sharepoint App Link.



Alpha Education SA Sharepoint 


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